Storm Chaser, Heartbreaker

Elyse Lemoine is an experienced writer, game designer, and artist currently working on Days Gone at SIE Bend Studio. Though originally from Los Angeles, California, she set out to the east coast to attend New York University for her BA.  Through her extensive educational background in Biological and Forensic Anthropology, Classical Literature and Mythology, and Modern European History, she has built a solid foundation to set a basis for strong game writing, design, and world-building.  After graduating with her BA in Forensic Anthropology, she rededicated her efforts to the field of game development and is now an accomplished game designer and MFA graduate from the NYU Game Center.

As a game designer, she enjoys working in various genres and roles, from game design to visuals to programming, and has picked up many skills since she switched to games.  She spends a majority of her time working on and playing video games, but also enjoys creative writing through short stories and novellas, and is self-published on the Amazon Kindle (under a pseudonym).  She enjoys television (Parks and Rec, Boys Over Flowers), film (Mad Max: Fury Road, Spirited Away), and literature (Howl's Moving Castle, Pride & Prejudice, The Elephant Vanishes).  She cites her favourite video games as Persona 5, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and the Professor Layton series.  (What can she say?  She enjoys puzzles!)

Currently, she lives in Bend, OR working as a Narrative Game Designer at SIE Bend Studio on their new IP, Days Gone.  She recently finished her MFA in Game Design at the NYU Game Center, as well as her job as Technical Director at IndieCade: The International festival of Independent Games.  During her time off school, she has worked at and volunteered with IndieCade, NYU Practice, and the Game Developer's Conference, and enjoys cycling, hiking, swimming, crocheting, karaoke, archery, and chilling with her cat.  Despite having lived so close to the beach, she does not enjoy long walks on it.

email: elyse.lemoine@gmail.com | twitter: elysemlemoine